EAMCET 2013 Notification & Application form

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EAMCET 2013 - Important Dates

by saumil shrivastava

EAMCET 2013 Exam Date

EAMCET 2013 exam will be conducted in 2nd week of May 2013. For engineering exams timings are 10:00 AM - 1 P.M & for agriculture & medical timings are 2:30 P.M - 5:30 P.M Separate exams are conducted for Engineering & Medicine aspirants.

Important Dates for EAMCET 2013

  • Notification Date: 2nd Week of Feb 2013
  • Issue of EAMCET 2013 application forms: 2nd Week of Feb
  • Last date for Submission & Registration of application forms: Last Week of March
  • Last date for online submission & Registration with late fee of Rs 500 : 1st Week of April
  • Last date for Submission & Registration of Online Application with late fee of Rs10000/: 09/05/2012
  • Downloading of Hall Tickets : Last week of April, 2013
  • Date of EAMCET 2013 Examination: 2nd Week of May, 2013

Important dates corresponding to EAMCET 2013 application form submission & late fees were:

Last date for submitting the application form without late fee: 3rd April
Last date for submitting the application form at Convener's Office only with late fee of Rs. 500: 9th April 2013
Last date a late fee of Rs.1000: 19th April
Last date with a late fee of Rs. 5000: 28th April
Last date with a late fee of Rs.10000: 9th May

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